About Us

MEYDA Medical

In 2000, YDA Group decided to invest in the health sector and established MEYDA Medikal as the first step.

MEYDA Medical, an affiliate of YDA Group in the medical sector, has undertaken distributorship of products of Indian Polymed Company which has a reputable place in the world of medical consumables in Turkey, Middle East and Central Asia.

MEYDA Medical, which gives importance to research and development studies, continues to participate in all national, international fairs and medical congresses and also supports clinical studies.

MEYDA Medical, which places great importance on human life, is in the service of the Turkish healthcare sector for this purpose and it is always open to knowledge and technological innovations. They continue to work with experienced sales and marketing teams to gain new products that may be beneficial to Turkish medicine.

MEYDA MEDICAL has 25 regional dealers in Turkey.