Human Resources Policy

MEYDA Medikal Human Resources Policy

  • To keep the organizational structure dynamic in line with the medical plans and objectives and to be ready for the innovations,
  • For MEYDA Medikal to acquire personnel who have a high level of education, well trained, open to innovations and changes, have entrepreneurial ability, energetic, educates the staff who aim to develop themselves as well as who will adopt and live with MEYDA Medical values.
  • To increase the efficiency of employees with performance management based on goals,
  • To increase employees’ sense of belonging by creating a more professional environment and career development opportunities,
  • To carry out training and examination activities to increase quality.


MEYDA Medikal Human Resources Profile

  • Having the appropriate competence for the job
  • Responsible and reliable,
  • Ambitious, determined, open minded and enthusiastic,
  • Focused on customer satisfaction,
  • Having entrepreneurial skills,
  • Being aware of individual responsibility for ensuring and enhancing product quality.